Finn Balor Discusses WALTER: “That’s One Of The Matches I Look Forward To”


Current NXT Champion, Finn Balor recently spoke with BT Sports and he made it very clear that he’s interested in a match with WALTER.

“Of course, title unification interests me, of course, title vs title interests me, if you can be a dual champion, that interests me. But most importantly, WALTER interests me, I feel like that’s one of the matches I look forward to the most.”

The current WWE NXT Champion spoke about how they were getting close to that match happening (which many expected at NXT UK Takeover: Dublin,) and went on to compare him to Brock Lesnar.

“It’s something that we were almost getting to but it got taken away from us with the pandemic and the restrictions with travel with him not being able to travel to the States or me not being able to return to Europe. I feel like we will definitely get back there in the future. For me, WALTER, someone like him comes along every 20 years. I would put him in the same frame as Brock Lesnar, he’s a complete phenomenon and someone I know, I would love to sink my teeth into him and have a good 30-minute match.”

Finally, Finn Balor assured people that the match will happen at some point in the future, and he doesn’t care if its NXT UK or WrestleMania, he just wants to fight him.

“I know that the match is in the future, I don’t know how soon or how far away it is, but hopefully the world starts to get back to normality if he can’t come here, I’ll go to the BT Sports Studios in London and I’ll face WALTER anywhere NXT UK, NXT here, if it’s WrestleMania the night after I defend the title at Takeover, I don’t care, I want WALTER.”

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