First Images of Upcoming Bullet Club POP Figures Leaked, How Much Will “ALL IN” Tickets Cost?


Nick and Matt Jackson have apparently “leaked” the floor plan and ticket prices for their upcoming ALL IN event on September 1st. As we reported earlier this week, tickets go on sale next Sunday, May 13th at the same time that The Young Bucks, Cody and Brandi Rhodes, Marty Scurll and more invade Chicago for the first ever ALL IN press conference.

As promised, tickets for the show are well below market value to help reach their goal of 10,000 seats sold, which Cody has noted on Twitter is also a measure to help protect against scalpers who buy up all the good seats early, and re-sell them for insane prices online. Ringside tickets for the show are only $153, with second row going for $128 and the upper tier sections as low as $28.

NJPW POP Figures Coming Soon

For anyone still questioning the rising popularity of New Japan Pro Wrestling, and the general insanity surrounding the Bullet Club and Being The Elite crew, the first wave of POP figures featuring Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are expected out later this summer. Images of the upcoming figures leaked online for the first time this weekend, and you can check them out below.