Five-on-five Match Nixed from Impact This Week

Dixie Carter announced that the five-on-five main event match featuring five members of the Main Event Mafia challenging five members of the Aces & 8’s would not be taking place on this week’s Hardcore Justice episode of Impact Wrestling.

Dixie’s wrote the following on Twitter:

“After meeting with @HulkHogan, due to circumstances beyond our control – @TheAcesAnd8s vs. Mafia 5 on 5 match is delayed until 8/22 Impact.”

Private Photos of Kurt Angle & His Girlfriend….

  • Louisa Baton

    I understand that Kurt Angle is ill and needs to to rehabilitate. I’m glad to know he’s getting the help he needs. I want him back healthy and his ole smiley self. Get well soon Kurt

    • allanmccann

      awesome POSITIVE comment

      • Louisa Baton

        Thank you

  • DOC, the Canadian Rebel

    Perhaps the all time best true wrestler ever to work in pro wrestling, Kurt Angle is also a true icon in the “entertainment” part of sports entertainment, and it is good to know that he’s getting the rest and the help he needs. TnA seems to be very much into helping the talent where ever it is needed. Kudos to Dixie and TnA, and kudos to Kurt for knowing he needed help and asking for it. TnA rules !