Five Reasons Mahal v Lesnar is a Good Idea

Brock v Mahal

Brock v Mahal – Survivor Series 2017 ( (2017)

Five Reasons Mahal v Lesnar is a Good Idea

If someone had said six months ago that Jinder Mahal would be WWE champion and also be facing Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series – I most certainly would have thought that person was crazy. But, here we are, gearing up for one of the most unlikely WWE main events in history. Many have criticised the booking of the match, however, I have a few reasons (five to be exact) as to why this match is a good idea.

1. Fresh Matchup:

The first and most obvious reason is a Brock/Mahal match is a brand new matchup for the WWE. And as we all know, wrestling fans always want something new, right? Brock has been through a few firsts this year. He wrestled Joe at Great Balls of Fire, Strowman at No Mercy, and both those matchups certainly had the attention of the WWE faithful.

2. Curiosity:

Fans have really been frustrated with Jinder Mahal as champion, and while I don’t necessarily blame Jinder for the problems on Smackdown Live, it is hard to argue that his run has been a very good one. But, a match with Brock will certainly spark the curiosity of the fans, even those who currently dislike Jinder. As it will definitely be interesting to see how he is booked up against WWE’s most prized and protected asset.

3. The Birth of a New Star:

Fan criticism is not only reserved for Jinder – Brock Lesnar is also a superstar with his fair share of critics. While Brock may have a proven track record of great performances, it is fair to say he can take his foot off the pedal in certain matches (e.g. his match with Strowman). However, despite the criticisms, it cannot be argued that Brock turns stars into superstars. Working with Lesnar helped propel both Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman to a whole new level, as both men came out of their respective programs with Brock looking like top stars.

4. Survivor Series Attraction:

With WWE having a renewed a purpose when it comes to making one of their original pay-per-views – a must-see attraction. A champion v champion match featuring their top star, and a star, who very few would have guessed as a potential main event opponent for Brock Lesnar might just be enough to make people tune in to see Survivor Series.

 5. Intelligent Booking:

It is true if WWE wanted to create a match that will bring in a large audience for Survivor Series, there are certainly better options than Mahal. Finn Balor comes to mind, a potential rematch with Samoa Joe, or even Smackdown’s AJ Styles. All of these superstars would have been far better options than Jinder Mahal, but by booking Mahal against Lesnar, WWE can save these bigger and better matches for a later date.

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