Five Reasons to Be Thankful You Were a Wrestling Fan in 2017

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braun strowman

Photo Credit: WWE YouTube

As 2017 draws to a close, so does another year in the crazy world of professional wrestling. It’s been a rather eventful 2017 that has contained a lot of debatable and surprising turn of events. But in this article, I offer you five reasons to be thankful you were a wrestling fan in 2017.

From Jinder Mahal winning the WWE championship to Kenny Omega having an incredible trilogy of matches with Okada, the year 2017 has definitely provided us with some entertaining television. And while WWE did have their usual post-mania lull, I would argue they were a lot more consistent this year than they were in 2016.

So with all the great moments to choose from, I now present you five reasons why I think wrestling fans should be thankful they were watching in 2017 (and don’t worry, Booker T’s commentary is not on the list).

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