We Ranked Five Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Leaving WWE For UFC is a Good Thing

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Photo Credit: Twitter.com/UFC

4. Extra Media Attention

With the exception of the expected McGregor v Khabib fight, Lesnar v Cormier is the biggest fight in the UFC. The amount of media attention the biggest UFC pay-per-views receive is almost unparalleled and unrivaled by other sports.

Win or lose, a larger audience will see or hear about “The Beast Incarnate” when he fights the current UFC heavyweight champion, and this is only good news for the WWE.

3. A Chance to Change

After SummerSlam, the landscape will be a little different for the WWE; they will have a full-time champion for the first time in almost two years. Also, they will be forced to rely more on their current roster for big matches, especially when it comes their title picture.

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More opportunities will be coming the way of WWE’s current roster, and it’s a positive for the company as they will be forced to grow and develop their full-time superstars as opposed to relying on their MMA sensation (excluding Ronda Rousey, of course).

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