Flip Gordon Wishes NWA Good Luck


Flip Gordon was recently on Wrestling INC’s WINCLY podcast recently, where he discussed the changes to the Ring of Honor locker room, since the departures of The Elite, as well as the NWA ending their partnership with the Sinclair-owned wrestling company.

Transcriptions via Ross Kelly at Wrestling INC.

“It’s changed a lot but not in a bad way. Everybody’s motivated and excited because a bunch of top spots just opened up and are for grabs. Everybody is competing for them. It’s friendly competition but everybody wants that top spot, me included. So it’s a really good atmosphere because everybody’s busting their ass right now,”

Gordon also had nothing but well wishes for the NWA. The historic promotion ended their partnership with Ring of Honor, pulling NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis from Summer Supercard in Toronto. Flip sees this as proof that the wrestling business is doing well.

“I was a bit surprised but with wrestling being so popular now, I’m not surprised. Business is thriving right now so if the NWA wants to go out on their own, I wish them the best of luck…”