Florida Man Finds AEW Title Belt On The Side Of The Highway


The Tallahassee Democrat is reporting that 41-year old Frank Price of Tallahassee, FL is the man responsible for finding the AEW World Championship. The belt went missing on Sunday, less than 24 hours after Jericho won the belt in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Price was out celebrating his 41st birthday with his wife, when the couple noticed a satin bag on the side of Highway 20. The couple noticed the bag was scuffed, but didn’t open it until they got home. The couple then googled the details of the strap, but this was before news had broken of its disappearance.

Assuming that it was a costume or prop, Price filed the item on Craig’s List under Lost & Found. Price posed for a single photo with the belt.

Tuesday night, Price began to receive messages about the posting, but didn’t see them until Wednesday morning. Price turned the belt in to the Tallahassee Police Department, and cooperated with investigators. While at TPD, Price ran into Mike Vaughn, owner of the limo company that gave Jericho the fateful ride to Longhorn Steakhouse. Vaughn was so thrilled that Price found the belt, that he gave him a $200 reward, which made investigators more suspicious.

Later that day, Price gave a sworn statement, and is said to have GPS, cellphone, and other data that can verify he was never anywhere near Million Miles Air or Longhorn Steakhouse, as those are the locations between which the AEW Title was lost.

When speaking to the Tallahassee Democrat, Price posited that the disappearance was the result of either “they just set it on the trunk of the limo and it just flew off,” or that possibly “it was part of a pro wrestling angle. They need all the publicity they can get.”