Foley Doing a Weekly RAW Wrap-Up?, NXT Promos from Bayley & Cassady

– WWE NXT’s Bayley and Colin Cassady posted Tout videos to hype the February 15th NXT live event in Orlando:

– Mick Foley mentioned in a new Facebook blog that WWE has asked him to do a weekly RAW wrap-up video for the WWE website. He wrote:

“Thanks, everyone for the great feedback on my CM Punk video. This is the first video of this type that I have done in a long time, and from what I’ve read, you’s like to see them more often. I’ve been asked by WWE to do a weekly RAW wrap-up show for the WWE website, but it’s important to me that they understand that if I am going to do a show for them that it be my own perspective, and that it be honest. It’s not in my nature to just go around bashing everything I see – which is why that tweet after the Rumble resonated so deeply with so many of you. So, if I do a show for them, it will likely be a lrgely positive show, but I won’t hesitate to point out problems where I think they exist. If I end up doing the show on my own YouTube channel, you will know that we couldn’t agree on either content, philosophy or money.”

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  • Negatwit

    “a weekly RAW wrap-up video”? Why bother?