Foley Shares His Thoughts on The Shield Possibly Splitting Up

– Mick Foley has published a new Facebook post about The Shield. Here’s part of what he wrote:

“I don’t know if there’s going to be a true split between the SHIELD. or if the weeks long rift is going to turn out to be a false alarm. I think there has to be an eventual parting of the ways, if only because it’s been obvious from the start that all three members – Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose had promising singles careers ahead of them. But if/when that split happens, the WWE Universe will be ready for it.

In a business where things seem to move at warp speed, where we sometimes are in such a hurry to turn out a product that we forget to take our time with it, storylines can often jump onto our screens on our screen like a quick, microwaved meal – they gets the job done, but without any real passion in the craftsmanship, and ultimately, completey unmemorable. But WWE has taken the time to put the right spices into this angle, and when it emerges from the oven, it’s going to fully seasoned, and baked with that old world cratsmanship – something we can all savor for a while.”

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  • Shaniqua Louise Ray

    I respect you even more Foley for not spicing up the hype , we had teams brake up in the past cause of Jealousy and pride but The shield is better then that they came in this togater if they split it will be on good terms .they even if a fight brake out I know they will make up and remain friend out side the ring … they have that chemistry , they are true friends .who knows how they started or what brought theme together but one thing for certain is they match like wwe has never seen ..thats why the fans are talking they dont know how to handle the Shield but believe they will prevail and#believeintheshield Mick Foley