Footage Released From Brian Pillman, Jr and Shane Douglas Incident at Recent Indie Event

0 has issued the following:

After much debate internally we have decided to release the locker room footage that captured the incident between Brian Pillman Jr and Shane Douglas on Saturday September 29th backstage at BattleGround Championship Wrestling. When we told Shane Douglas that we filmed the incident his response was, “Feinstein you been around me for 20 something years, you were there the night I threw down the NWA belt at the ECW Arena and you were there when his old man disrespected my company. There is no way I am going to let some snot nose green horn punk disrespect me who can’t even lace up my boots. Release the footage and show the world what he is all about.” When we told Pillman that we were going to release the footage his response was “Do what you need to because I will give Shane Douglas the rub that he needs since he is hanging on to the business by a thread.”