Forbes Questions John Cena As WWE World Champion

Forbes has a new article looking at John Cena’s WWE World Heavyweight Title win at Money in the Bank, asking if it’s really what’s “best for business.” The article includes a couple of graphs that look at Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk’s title reigns and who has drawn the most money as champion.

The article, which notes that “this is obviously far from a scientific study,” points out that in the last five years Cena has been champion while revenue rose only once, which was his title reign from Bragging Rights 2009 through TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs of that year (when he lost to Sheamus). It adds about the four title reigns that have seen drops, “What’s more, the company’s income tends to rebound shortly after those title runs come to an end.”

The article adds that Randy Orton as champion tends to see revenues climb, while CM Punk’s lengthy title reign was an up and down affair.

You can see the full article at the link.

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