Former ECW Champion Praises Daniel Bryan, Reveals Incident With Former WWE Star, More


Former ECW Champion Justin Credible published a new column at Credible talks about about Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Monday’s WWE Raw including an incident which occurred with Matt Striker at an indy event, among other topics. This week Justin Credible talks about promotion on is Pro Wrestling 101 video series. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“The show started like all of the recent Raw episodes with HHH & Stephanie coming to ringside for their usual stuff. HHH made a point to say he trust HBK, and that he respects HBK more than anyone else in the WWE. Show than pops up on the Tron, and talks about suing HHH for the millions he is still owed on his contract. I would love to know how Show did that, being that he’s fired, but at least it was acknowledged by Stephanie. Long story short it led to a match between Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose. Very good stuff in this match. These 2 men brought their A game. I especially liked that it went much longer than the usual Raw TV matches. Bryan is really doing a great job reminding all of us that he’s one of the best around, and that he belongs in that main event spot.

“I want to change gears a bit, and talk about an incident that occurred Saturday at NYWC with Matt Striker. The reason I’m bringing it up is simply because I don’t want it to be misrepresented in the media. During an after match attack by Striker, he slammed me in the face with a chair. I got busted open bad. When we got back stage he was being his smart mouthed self. Words were exchanged, and it got broken up. All I can say to Matt Striker is, “did you forget that you have to get in the ring with me again next month”. Case closed. I think that says it all.”

You can read Justin Credible’s column, “The Justin Credible Report” in its entirety at this link.

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      • No, I’m talking about that talentless f*** Justin Credible. “After match attack. Busted open bad. Being HIS USUAL SMART ASS SELF.” Sounds like a guy who swing chairs at other guys for a living is mad because someone swung a chair a bit too hard. Get the f*** over it. Striker is the ultimate smart ass, thats why he’ll never work for WWE again but he’s also a trillion times more talented than Justin Credible in the ring, and yes I have watched them both in multiple promotions from the US, Japan and Mexico. Justin Timeforabathroombreak needs to just be glad he’s still working.

  1. To Justin Credible: My sincere apologies. I went on my tirade with you based on what was written here. Little did I know that Matt Striker was being an asshole about the potatoes he got in. You don’t have to take it; simply take it out on him next time you meet.
    As for Matt Striker, go f*** yourself. You cheap shot Justin Credible, then you trash talk him after the match. You punk! I hope Justin Credible kicks the s*** out of you in your rematch.


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