Former ECW Star Kid Kash On His First Opponent Being Wahoo McDaniel, RVD Bringing Him Into ECW and More


Former ECW star Kid Kash recently spoke with Smark to Death, and below are some interview highlights.

On getting into the wrestling business:

“I was in the gym in my hometown of Waynesboro Virigina, there was a local guy there who was a local promoter named Marvin Ward, him and another guy. They did little indie shows, but the thing about Marvin Ward is that he went to Ivan Koloff’s wrestling school back when they were jobbers still. Ivan bred jobbers for NWA way, way back. When he left doing that, he started to run his own shows and I happened to be in the gym one day and he was in the gym trying to get promotion to bring some of the guys in.”

On his first opponent being Wahoo McDaniel:

“One day, at a show, a guy needed a replacement and Ricky (Morton) said ‘my boy can do it’ and I wrestled Wahoo McDaniels and he broke my ankle. I was green, I had never been in the ring before other than getting in the ring and messing around a bit, but I was athletic. I knew all the moves by heart when you asked me. I hadn’t had a chance to perform that yet, so I was a little sloppy. Wahoo was old school. All those boys spoke carnie back then. I didn’t know, Ricky hadn’t taught me any carnie at that point. So, Wahoo in his matches that’s all he did was talk Carnie and I had no clue what he said from start to finish. He got aggravated because I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He chopped me really hard and he said, ‘kid if I was you I’d just blow all my air out’ and I was like ‘huh?’ There was no sound with him, there was not big loud pop it was just a loud pop. It was just a hard thump and it felt like his hand touched your spine. He hit me so hard he knocked the breath out of me and I dropped to my hands and knees. The only thing I could see was white moccasins walking around and then he kicked me so hard in the side and it brought the air back, but it felt like it just bruised my liver. And I rolled over on my back and he picked my leg up and he looked down at me and was like ‘welcome to the business kid’ and he did a spinning toe hold and he actually turned it on and cranked it.”

Rob Van Damn bringing him into ECW:

“Rob watched my match and he was like ‘dude you’re pretty damn good, have you ever thought about going to ECW.’ I was like ‘yeah sure, I’d love to talk about it. Philadelphia is a long damn way.’ I got home at about 3 o’clock in the morning. At that time ECW came on at about 3 in the morning, so I just happened to come in when it was about 30 minutes into the show. It was little Guido, Mikey Whipwreck, and I was just watching their match and was like ‘that’s what I do, this is that company they were talking about.’ I called him up ‘yeah dude, I’m watching the show now. I do all that right there.’ and he (RVD) was like ‘I know, that’s what I’m saying. You’d be great up there. We’re gonna be in Philadelphia tomorrow if you can make it up, I can get you a match.’ I didn’t even go to bed that night, I unpacked, repacked, took a shower, and I was on the road by about 4 o’clock in the morning and got there in record time, about 12 noon. Got to the hotel where Rob was at, went to the building, and Paul (Heyman) introduced himself and first thing he said is, I went by David Jericho then, ‘David Jericho, how is Ricky Morton’ and I said Ricky’s great. I never met this man in my life and he knew who I was. He said, ‘did you bring your gear’ and I said ‘yeah.’ And he said, ‘good you’re on in 15 minutes.’

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