Former MLB Player Interested in Joining TNA Wrestling?

Former Major League Baseball player Jos? Canseco expressed on Twitter that he is trying to get the attention of Dixie Carter, while chatting it up with Riddick Bowe on Twitter. Bowe reportedly is trying to get into professional wrestling as well.

Riddick sent the following message to Canseco on Twitter yesterday:

“@RobbieEImpact what’s up partner. Being we have same manager. How do I become a bro and your tag team partner. U need a tough guy partner”

Canseco replied back with the following:

“@RobbieEImpact what’s up bro. When u coming to Vegas. Ask @TNADixie to get me in tna. I will be your bodyguard”

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  • Mike Arienti

    More washed-up athletes trying to get into pro wrestling like it’s on their new bucket list…

  • Rich Francis

    Test him right away. hahahah To bad WWE and I sure Tna Doesn’t want Steriods in wresting. Try Mexico!

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Just what they need another baseball player so he can show up twice and be inducted into the hall of shame opps I mean fame. They need to have him wear his tattoo shirt as his gimmick………………………. Wait make him be Straight Edge (no offense to Punk)

  • Aj

    NO NO NO