Former TNA Wrestler Not a Fan of TNA Firing Jesse Sorensen

Sean Waltman took Dixie Carter to task on Twitter for what he sees as bad decision making for releasing Jesse Sorensen from the company.

“Classy move by @TNADixie on the release of Jesse Sorensen,” wrote the former TNA wrestler late last night.

After fans took Waltman to task for his statement towards Dixie, Waltman tweeted, “Guy almost ends up in a wheelchair for life working for you. You tell them don’t worry, you have a job for life, don’t worry about anything. Don’t be surprised when decent people think it’s a really shitty move to pull.”

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  • jo

    do another porn with Chyna and give him the money.

  • allanmccann

    wtf does waltman know about “class” i get that dude to throw up on himself for 20 bucks or a bottle of boos lol

  • Louisa Baton

    The only thing that I might see as unfair is that Doz was injured in WWE or WWF was out of Wrestling and D-LO was hidden and silently released soon after without so much as good bye. I understand about business but they need to understand about human beings.

  • captainbuck

    How does anything Sean just said elicit vitriolic responses? Sad people.