Former WCW Star To Hold Seminar at SXW in Alabama


Glacier Coming to the Wiregrass

On August 17th former WCW star Glacier will be holding a Training Seminar at noon (12:00 PM) at the VFW Post #6020 (on Highway 84/VFW Drive beside the Gun Depot & Shooting Range) in Daleville, AL. The seminar which will cover basics, psychology, and even how to work a try out match will last 4 hours, and at the end Glacier will even pick the best student in his mind to team with him in the Main Event of SXW’s (Southeastern Xtreme Wrestling) Main Event tag team match later that night. The cost of the seminar will be $30 and there is room for up to 20 students for the seminar. Glacier will also pass out booklets that he has made up himself for the students to keep as well.

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For more information or to signup contact Justin Overstreet (, SXW ( or [email protected]), or Glacier/Ray Lloyd himself (