Former WCW Wrestler Trashes Diamond Dallas Page


Dave Sullivan, who portrayed the dyslexic brother of Kevin Sullivan for World Championship Wrestling from 1993 to 1996, appeared on In Your Head Wrestling Radio to discuss his time with the defunct organization.

Fans of the promotion may recall a 1995 storyline where Sullivan fell in love with Kimberly, the valet for Diamond Dallas Page. Page took offense to his infatuation with his “Diamond Doll,” leading to feud that even involved an arm wrestling contest. Today, however, Sullivan does not hold a high opinion of his former co-worker.

“DDP’s a jackass…Kimberly’s a sweetheart, she’s a good gal, but I’m not surprised they’re divorced because he was a kind of a d**k,” said Sullivan. “I mean, you talk about a guy that’s so into himself and thinks he’s cool as s**t…he’s never done a ***damn thing in real life as far as regular sports…He’s infatuated with himself…It’s all about him, it is; there’s no question. That’s DDP; I mean, that’s DD Me. You betcha. What can I do for me?…He’s always selling himself and it’s always about me…I like Jake the Snake a lot, and he’s a good guy and a very good man, and I know he’s helped Jake out; and Scott Hall, both of those guys are great guys, I think the world of those two guys…I’m glad he’s helping them out, but he’s still a ding dong.”

Sullivan was also asked about the differences between WCW when he first joined the promotion in 1993 to when he left in early 1996 when the “Monday Night Wars” were in full swing.

“We kind of got away from the original WCW from when I started,” remarked Sullivan. “When Hogan came in and those guys from the WWF came in at that time, we started moving toward more of a show-biz like the WWF. That was the biggest change; other than that it was just business as usual…I miss those days; it’s all T and A now. But it’s selling, so what do you do? Just go along with the evolving of wrestling, I guess.”

Other topics discussed included what it was like to team up with Hulk Hogan and Sting; the bunny idea; DDP Yoga; the Wrestling Observer naming him as having the Worst Gimmick of the Year in 1994.

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  1. What the f is he talking about? This is so random from Dave Sullivan, who is he trying to fool. Kimberly is still
    good friends with DDP since their divorce, both of them are seen
    together in recent years at wrestling events, there’s proof of that they’re still good friends in
    both of their RFVideo Shoot Interviews. Dave is a jealous bitter old
    man, The irony is he played a dumb ass in WCW, his time in the
    company means nothing, what an idiot. Haha.


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