Former World Champion Backstage at Recent Impact Wrestling TV Tapings in Las Vegas


According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Austin Aries was backstage at the most recent set of Impact Wrestling television taping in Las Vegas.

Aries’ final match with the promotion was a controversial one, headlining October’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view in a heated and controversial feud with Johnny Impact that blended several elements of fiction and reality.

After dropping the Impact World Championship to Impact, Aries immediately no-sold the effects of the match, giving the middle finger to company executives in the balcony, to his opponent and to the fans before storming out. The incident has been heavily discussed and speculated upon but, at this point, the extent of any real-life heat between the two is something only a small group of people may ever know.

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According to the Observer’s report, Aries attended one of the Las Vegas television tapings and was “nice to everyone” while he interacted with talent backstage.