Former WWE Diva Gets New Look, Rock Rehabbing Torn Adductor, Big Show Return Promo


– Embedded below is a promo for The Big Show’s return on Raw.

– The Rock share a photo of him rehabbing his torn adductor on Twitter.

The Rock Rehabbing His Torn Adductor

Rehabbing my torn adductor. Fun.

– Former WWE Diva Maryse cut her hair way short. You can check out a photo of her new look below.

Maryse Cuts Her Hair Super Short

Billy Gunn Reacts to WWE Main Event…..


  1. rock might not hurt himself on every move he does if hes stopped pumping a s*** load of weight 2 times a day at 41 years old. like damn theres staying in shape and there pushing it to far,.


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