Former WWE and ECW Star Al Snow Arrested

Former WWE and ECW star Al Snow was arrested for failure to appear in court for a broken headlight and expired insurance card. He was released on a $234 bond. Below is his report of the incident.

“To clear up my arrest, I had a ticket from 2 years ago,broken light & expired insurance ID card, took care of it but thanks to a typo. There was a bench warrant for me I was completely unaware of, my car was having trouble 3 police approached and asked for ID and I was taken in and paid a 234 dollar fine and was released . A typo resulted in my arrest, and now I’ve spent time in the big house lol Be careful I might just shank you lol.”

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  • Anonymous

    Of all the things to get arrested for, come on Al, pay your f***ing tickets like us normal people

    • Anonymous

      nice anonymous post….youre a ticket