Former WWE Official Says Its WWE’s Last Chance To Get Things Right, WWE Talent Issues


Former WWE Official Wes Adams, has published a new column at Adams goes in-depth and talks about the issues with WWE’s current booking, saying that its WWE’s last chance to get things right. Adams also speaks on Batista, Daniel Bryan, current WWE talent concerns and more. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“With WWE poised for a network launch here in a few weeks, they have stepped into two humongous piles of shit that is going to take some major league time to clean up, but right here free of charge, I am going to clean one of them up. This is a LAST CHANCE for WWE to get this right. And I hope someone up there reads this and considers it, because even though I criticize WWE, think their booking sucks, and cringe at the career killing decisions they make on a weekly basis, I care. I care about the friends I made up there that depend on the success of WWE to pay their bills and feed their families. All of their paychecks are dictated by WWE’s creative decisions! If the WWE turns off their fanbase with their crappy storytelling and refusal to deliver the goods to the consumers, then pink slips can and will start being issued! And I don’t want that for any of those guys or girls.”

“Now on to the OTHER mess that you’ve created. The word on the street is that WWE talent is concerned about how their payoffs are going to be handled now that PPV rates are going to go down. Also word says that WWE scheduled a talent meeting to address this issue, then cancelled it, and have yet to reschedule it! That’s not an encouraging sign at all. How was this issue not even addressed and taken into consideration during the course of establishing the plan for the network? That was the first thing that I thought of! I’m sure it was the first thing that ALL of the talent thought of! Did WWE just hope that the talent was so job scared that no one was going to bring the issue up? Is that the WWE environment these days? This is exactly why pro wrestlers need a union. To prevent garbage like this. The days of six and seven figure paydays for WrestleMania are likely gone forever. Oh how I weep for the future.”

You can read Wes Adams’ column, “Official’s View with Wes Adams” in its entirety at this link.



    • Yeah your a Cm Punk fan. Yeah they almost never could have survived when Hogan, Savage, Hall and Nash and when other wrestlers leave oh no they will never survive. Hear is what I predict CM wanted to retire any way in the 2014 or 2015 he just thought it was time. Also Hmmmmmmm There is a big wrestling roster not to mention we got Oh NXT you wont be missing him. Stop your crying he didnt even quit yet just in pain so just calm down.

      • Well Punk gone will hurt them with the hardcore fan base (pretty much people who still think ECW will return), but the fact is with Punk gone means more Cena to go around, AND THAT AIN’T A GOOD THING, they keep pushing Bryan’s push forward into oblivion, Roman Reigns has probably the biggest pop in recent history in the Rumble, hell Kevin Nash had a bigger pop than Batista, not to mention the only reason to watch mania (or at least considering the current scheduled) which is Taker is only around for 30 days to promote Mania and the leave for another 335 days. Sadly I do believe this network will fail big time and WWE will be struggling to find a network to put their shows on, which will translate into massive paycuts, cuts that some talents may not be happy with and eventually will cause them to leave. But who know Vince might go on another power trip like back in the day one day just say “FU** IT JUST GO OUT THERE AND DESTROY THE RING IF YOU HAVE AS LONG AS THE SHOW IS GOOD”.

        • Whoa ECW will never return they better not unless they sell the company. It wasnt ECW when CM Punk was there that was just a retarded verision of something they tried to revive from 2006 to 2010 they ran it and it was awful it was just like a smackdown or a raw show. And putting Cm Punk wanting his name on that terrible. Cena is the cornerstone to the company hands down kids, family’s, military. Than you the person that you want to be the best which is Danial Bryan no matter ho goofy he looks. Cm Punk did every thing he became a legend and locked it up kinda of like how Undertaker became a legend with his Wrestlemania Victories. CM is not going to hold the title like a Orton or a Cena he doesnt want to ruin his legacy.

          • That’s the problem, the only audience they want to appeal is the one too young to know the crap they are watching, or the one who gets every show for free (not to offend any military person, they deserve that and much more), WWE is all about media exposure now days, they want to be on every news show, every sports show, they want to replace the Super Bowl with Wrestlemania, which is a problem considering that’s not what Vince wanted 30 years ago when he started the show, he wanted something unique, something that could appeal to anyone but also keep it’s own image, now WWE is but a sad excuse for a kids show, just the fact they are actually relying on E! Network to promote their product is key to how bad the company is right now. Funny thing is you see guys like Reigns, Bryan, even Koffy Kingston don’t get as much exposure, as many shots, not even commercials than Cena, they don’t sell the most merchandise or start in any movies, and somehow they are the ones getting the big pops at the shows, mind you Reigns is still a fully functional heel character, and still he gets more applause than Batista. And as far as legacy goes, I don’t think Punk issue is his legacy, I think it’s more of a business view, he sees that it’s not what he got into in the first place, it’s more politics than anything, well dictatorship to be honest, and he’s at the point where he just can’t take it anymore.

          • Sure they do they want to make it fun for all to enjoy. Shoot I got to see my first wrestlemania at 6 and you know what I was hooked you Shoot my nieces and nephews love watching the shows with me and i started showing some of the older stuff and no not the attitude era. The Show is Unique 4 or 5 hours where a family can get together with friends have chicken wings choose your fav wrestlers. enjoy each others company or be there. And last year you must have gotten Wrestlemania confused with Summerslam. Wrestlemania is like a week event. And yeah they do have stuff on the E network good for them they should be proud. If you dont get it you can be a women be sexy and be a wrestler and still have a show and have something to look at for women your blind. You don’t just think that the wwe is a whore than. Shame on you. What if these young girls want to become future WWE superstars. You really think the title is the main thing How many titles did Rowdy Piper win ever for the how about Greg the Hammer Valentine or Brutus the Barber Beefcake all three of them were all super stars and all of them held 3 titles there whole life and all of them are awesome. Dont worry about Reigns he was talked about since he started with the Shield how great he was. Bryan is loved by the fans and his Catch phrase has replace the gay WHAT. and well Kofi has held muti titles not to mention tag titles not to mention is the love of the rumble every one wants to see what he does. Cena is great I have to even say it sorry he gives most of his free time to Make a wish I met him when my sister was in the hospital and he was meeting people and this was back when he was the a heel he actually a nice person to talk to. Cena, Bryan and Punk have sold the Most Merch and dont worry they can can find a new wrestler to fill Punk spot. Some people are cheering Batista but a majority do not like Batista should have never came back. But that what happens when you think that someone like that was worth bringing back its kinda like Goldberg it wouldnt be worth it.

          • Now I see where you are coming from, you have a personal attachment to the company and will defend it no matter how wrong they are, I’m not going to try and debate it anymore since you have a personal connection and I don’t want to mess with that, don’t think I don’t like Cena’s off ring work, he sucks as a wrestlers but he does give back, i’ll give him that, doesn’t mean he should get every shot available, but at least he does something for others, but I’m not going to keep going with you, you like what they have now because your family can see it, the thing is this isn’t supposed to be for children or the entire family at all, but if you find comfort in it with yours then go on ahead, I won’t reply to any more comments from you.

          • Listen i totally agree with you I do think Cena gets title shots he does not deserve. I can admit that but i would like to see others step up to the plate like Punk and Bryan and Cena. And I do think Kofi should get a title match amongst the younger stars i am also mad that the US title has been only defended only twice. trust me I totally understand what your saying

      • Oh and forgot to say what good have we seen from NXT since The Nexus guys, so far everyone from NXT has been fired or sent to the PC, which is pretty much the same as saying, you are god enough too keep, just not good enough to use.

        • Well they didn’t make the cut then did they! You might like what they did. Hell you could have hated or love it. But here is a fact having them rot in NXT and having to much talent on top and in the system is a bad thing because everyone wants to have the title or be on the show you can only have so wrestlers on a show. He gave them a chance to go to TNA and Japan, It does not mean 5 years they might not have a deal. It just means go out there and enjoy Wresting kinda like what Tna doing thinning out the Herd and going young.

          • ‘cept that WWE needs young, everyone is getting old fast, Rey probably won’t last another year, Cena has been burned for months, Randy is pissed off every day, Big Show can barely more at it is, same goes for Henry, so they don’t really have much choice but to use that talent or burn to a crisp the current one.

          • WWE was doing fine without Rey he can go to the glue factory at this point do not see the point of that one. Cena he has not been burned out your a liar he gives 100% to his fans and the audience and he has 5 more years tough break kid. Randy pissed off that’s what a heel supposed to be pissed off or else they would call them happy watch some of his dads matches. Big Show has been in his best shape in a long time sorry same with Henry sorry Henry your wrong and they have lots of talent you just dont see it you just think every one needs to be a superstar that wrestles. Calm down they will be fine when Hogan left they were alright when Bret left and then lost his smile they were all right. When Stone Cold and the Rock,along with Mick Foley left they were fine Angle and Brock left and then Edge Retired they were fine and if this one of Cm Punk crying spells good for him, if he is legit hurt also i feel for him. and If he wanted to take the early retirement like he said 5 months ago hey I am cool with it we will be fine the WWE has survived over 62 years old you dont think they have it enough brains to Keep a company going.

          • lol you don’t know your history right, specially of current events, first the company was actually in the brink of bankrupt during the Monday Night Wars era, second both Big Show and Mark Henry are BOTH INJURED AT THE MOMENT, Cena is burned, has been for some time, and his fans aren’t old enough to drive so him showing up is 100%, and Randy has been pissed off forever, even when he was a face the guys was an asshole outside the ring, one DUI he got was during the time he was a face character, if they were so fine why is it that every now and then Vince is asking his writers to make new superstars, because they know the ones they have now as top superstars don’t have too much left in the tank. And if you think all Cena has are 5 years then he is worst than I thought, HBK lasted 25 years, HHH has a good 20, Undertaker has 35 years under his belt, Cena barely has 13 and already has been operated 4 times, and is suffering from back problems.

          • Cena might be champion once but not long but he is going to push these younger wrestlers like jericho and HBK done Jericho should have won Fandango and Ziggler. And with Big E coming up that a positive thing. I know the company was on the Brink till they had SCSA. They are doing quite well at this time but i know this company i been watching since the late 70s. They will find a way out.

          • You are right about Orton – he is a TRUE asshole and doesn’t deserve what he has in WWE.

      • Wrong. I could care less about CM Punk. In fact, I don’t even watch “sports entertainment”, not since WCW folded. NWO 4 life!

  1. Yay, more experts on the business. I do hope to hear more comments from people who believe everything they read on he internet absent fact, therefor making them experts.

  2. NEgatwit is right, like I already said – they’ll be gone or just about DONE in 5 years…No new stars, no household names – WWE is dying a slow death. @ everyone else, u’re idiots. It seems like EVERYDAY I gotta say the SAME THING. John Cena sells merch and MAKES THEM MONEY. Punk and Bryan don’t – get over it already. The marks like those two, BUT they’re smart enough NOT to buy Vince’s s***ty product. Problem is – the WHOLE product is garbage, not just the John Cena aspect. Taking Cena out DOESN’T FIX anything. In fact it hurts it because then the kids don’t have their champ and the regular fans STILL won’t pay for the leftover crap cuz the majority is still…CRAP. If Cena WASN’T THERE – you’d have NO CM PUNK or D(bag) BRYAN. Once again stating: those two did nothing for ratings and Bryan only SEEMS over because the crowd loves chanting YES YES YES…cuz it’s a cool thing to do for the LIVE AUDIENCE (like the wave). But do people at home on their couch do the wave? No. Are people at home actually shouting YES YES YES? NO (and if you do, that’s sad quite frankly)… WWE is a turd just waiting to be flushed. Sheamus, Del Rio, Sandow and Ryback CAN’T save that company and neither can midget, ‘nowhere to go to actually build characters and learn how to wrestle’ NXT stars…and Rich Francis, you’re an idiot. What you wrote under twit’s comment had NOTHING to do with what he said – the rest was just gibberish lol

    • WWE has been in wrestling for 62 years they know wrestling. and I am sorry your a CM Punk fan Give me your address and I will send you the WWE 13 so you can play as CM Punk since you dont think the WWE can survive without him. I will even get you a bottle of lotion and tissues. Hey maybe we can get Jeff Hardy tool.

      • I got the “WWE will be gone in 5-10 yrs” from the fact that pro-wrestling is “dead”. It stinks everywhere and WWE is using the same dozen people over and over again, book it for “more bang for buck”. WWE will be a video library at best. This will happen whether CM Punk stays or goes. Of course, I could be wrong as people will still watch only because it’s still on in 5-10 years.

        • I know that Cm Punk is a whiny little b**** and he screwed the WWE storyline up. I actually think its good that he left

  3. “FORMER WWE Official Wes Adams” looks like he LOST his chance. WWE is going to keep doing business as they see fit.

  4. F*** it I think we all need to be saved again and only man can do that Y2J I wish he would come and have at least the title 3 more time the hof then retire I would be happy with that AND I DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE LIKE RICH FRANCIS OR NEGATIST OR NEGAWIT A COOLIO OR CLARK KENT OR BRUCE WAYNE OR MILEY CYRUS HAS TO SAY ABOUT THAT


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