Former WWE Official Talks About CM Punk Walking Out On WWE, Hanging Out With Punk & More


Former WWE Official Wes Adams, has published a new column at Adams goes in-depth and talks about the issues with CM Punk and WWE. Adams says it was good for Punk walking out on WWE if he wasn’t happy about his WrestleMania role. Adams also talks about his time on the road with CM Punk and more. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“My very first road trip to California occurred in summer of 2007 and I needless to say, pretty nervous. I had just started in developmental in February and after just a few months of it, got my first shot on the road. I had no idea what to do on the road! Do I go out? Do I stay in my room? Sounds silly but it’s true. So as I was checking into the hotel I walked out and a car pulled up next to me. Inside was Punk and Hornswoggle. “Hey you’re the new ref, right? Wanna go to the gym with us?” To say that I was just amazed was an understatement and needless to say, to the gym I went. After the workout we all went to a hibachi grill and sat and talked independent wrestling after for a few hours. We told stories about our backgrounds and how we all broke in. We talked about our influences in the business, and different aspects of the business. And over the course of the evening, these two popular WWE superstars became my friends.”

“If Punk wasn’t happy with where he was heading on the card of this year’s Mania and he decided to go home, good for him! If he was questioning payoffs, GREAT! Somebody should! I know from personal experience (not even wrestling related) that a human being can only take so much. We all have a breaking point, whether we can admit it to ourselves or not. We can only take so much bs politics, games, double talk, mixed signals, and backstabbing before we just can’t take it anymore. It gets to a point where it doesn’t matter how much money is in your bank account because your piece of mind is worth way more. I hope Punk didn’t get that far. I hope he got out before he hit the breaking point.”

You can read Wes Adams’ column, “Official’s View with Wes Adams” in its entirety at this link.

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    • That’s right. You as a person comes first not “fans”, or “commitments”. Bigger then what they wanted to do with him, was the payout of PPVs. He was not getting any straight answers from management.

      • “Commitments” don’t come first? I don’t mind that he blew off “the WWE Universe”. lol But he had a JOB and blew it off. He f***ed up big time in my book.

          • True, my man. Vince wants the scrilla. You can’t blame him, I guess. Plenty of others have done the same, but few on Punk’s level. IMO, punk b****ed out. He should have been a man about it and finished his contract. In the long run, though, Vince will want him back because Punk makes him money.

          • Exactly, stone cold did the same thing and has said countless of times how much he regrets that decision.. It crippled his career..and punk is no where near Stone cold…do the math lol

          • No the reports are Vince didn’t LET HIM GO and is trying to get him back…he’s not DESPERATE. There’s just at least SOME merch to sell, SOME tickets to be sold and not letting him go to TNA… You make it sound like Vince is crying cuz that douchebag left. Vince will make him pay eventually for walking out. Vince takes care of his own – until his own turns on him. Always been the case. I still can’t believe people are so upset about him – he’s not that good. Sandow and Ziggler blow him away completely for example. Boring, out of shape and lazy must be the new thing in wrestling idols. CM Punk couldn’t even lace up a REAL legends’s boots – neither could D(bag) Bryan/ I guess growing up on s***ty wrestling leads to s***ty wrestling lovers? YES! YES! YES! (the dumbest one syllable chant EVER. Don’t you people feel stupid chanting that s***..? lmao)

          • I have never agreed with someone as much as you here from ziggler and sandow blow him away

          • Listen to this guy. Bigger and much better wrestlers than CMP have come and gone but never really made it back to where there were.

          • You’re a boring, lazy, out of shape piece of s***. If you were a wrestler (LMFAO CAUSE YOU WOULD JUST FAIL AT THAT LIKE THE F***ING FAILURE THAT YOU ARE) by your retarded logic you’d be a wrestling idol too.

        • He isn’t even a WWE employee. He is an independent contractor so he doesn’t even get a lot of the legal protections that the rest of us enjoy at work. It’s been reported that he was already doing way more appearances than required by his contract and working through nagging injuries for awhile. If you’ve saved money to live comfortably, then there is nothing wrong with quitting a job. Hell, even if you can’t afford you it’s acceptable to find a better job first then quit. I took a couple dollar an hour pay cut and lost bonuses once just to take a job in a better working environment. In the long run you’re better off for it.

          • .Your doing all theses mental gymnastics to make it ok for this idiot to be a quitter! He knows this the business there is no excuse..

        • Life’s way too short to be doing something with it that makes you miserable. “Commitments” of a business nature are illusions created by society, meant to keep you in line so someone else can gain profit from you. If it made him that miserable, good for him. I’m sure vince and his billions will be alright.


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