Former WWE Official Talks About The Saga Of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak


Former WWE Official Wes Adams, has published a new column at Adams goes in-depth and talks about the saga of The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, looking back at how Undertaker’s streak has lasted years. Adams also lists potential victims to be the next in line to challenge Taker this year. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“Last year’s match with CM Punk was exciting, but not enough was done to make  me believe that Punk was actually going to end the streak. It was a good match for sure but was enough done to make the people think that Taker was ever in real danger of losing? I don’t think so.

“So that leads us to this year. What’s in store for the Dead Man? We probably won’t really find out until February, but the options are limited. Who on the WWE roster poses a real threat to end the streak? Nobody! Because they haven’t been booked in a manner in which they could be taken seriously. There are two schools of thought when it comes to the streak. First, there are those that think it should never go away. Hard to argue with that. He has been a loyal soldier for WWE, made them money, made superstars out of men for them, and deserves to go out undefeated on the biggest stage of them all. But then, there are some that think that Taker should use the streak to get somebody else over. Taker is old school through and through, and has always done his part to help get talent over. All streaks come to an end.”

You can read Wes Adams’ column, “Official’s View with Wes Adams” in its entirety at this link.



  1. As a big big fan of CM PUNK I agree totally. I thought the match was a bit of a let down. Takers age and health was probably a factor.

    • Now this I agree with. Taker is definitely an age factor (48). This is a probable reason for Punk and Taker not having a real over-the-top kind of match.

  2. Remember, the UT is the original Giant Ginger…. This will be UT vs Sheamus as long as Sheamus’ injury is fine. He’s the only guy not named Lesnar or Batista who can come in out of no where to work this match and threaten UT’s streak legitimately.

    • Disagree. Sheamus is long overdue to come back, by Daniel Bryan would be my pick to face Taker at WMXXX. Think a little harder to post a more correct and precise response next time.

  3. With due respect hear I believe Taker n Sting is finally on the works, but being real here why will Sting come to the WWE just to kill his character, Vince will never allow Sting to break the steak and also there teasing that he may be put in the HOF. In my opinion if this does happen it should end in a draw in respect of both superstars.

  4. Taker is d real of d best prowrestler is a great excitement to watch wrestelmania every year…
    Takers streak is one of d best reason for dat..
    Streak should continue:-)

  5. The ultimate swerve would be Bryan taking on Taker and ending the streak. I know it wont happen but it would be one if not the biggest shock in WWE history

  6. We’ve SEEN ‘TAKER vs Batiata at WM. And nobody thinks Lesnar’s diva ass deserves “The Streak” match. Cena?! Get real. The only matchups that make sense as huge draws are vs Sting or vs GOLDBERG.

  7. yes I do know age is a factor but you don’t hear people talking about age being a factor with sting who is in his 50s …. 54 to be exact the only real problem with taker is that he’s hurt he don’t take any real time off to heal up if he was healed 100% or even between 75 and 90 there is no reason why he cannot be there every night. but in reality he’s at point now he don’t need to be there every night to prove he is the best they all know its still his yard and it will always be his yard and why in the hell should sting face undertaker at wrestlemania what gives him the right Just because he’s been around since the nwa days or he’s an icon so what if that’s the just as well to put HBK in the ring with taker again or the rock or Austin or my favorite pick for the Jericho


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