Former WWE Referee On Old School Wrestlers Criticizing Today’s Product, Why AJ Styles’ WWE Debut Worked

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas recently spoke with to discuss an array of topics including the roles referees play in helping to tell the story in a match, the role talent plays in their own success and who fans should keep an eye on in the Canadian wrestling scene. To read the interview in its entirety click here, and below are some interview highlights.
On the different perspectives on today’s style of wrestling:
“It’s a weird argument because both sides make valid arguments. The old-timers and old school people complain about the next generation taking it too far, and this has been an argument going on for decades and isn’t anything new. It feels new because it feels more prominent because you have people like Rip Rogers out on Twitter expressing his mind.”
On which Canadian wrestlers to keep an eye on:
“Keeping it local and speaking of this area at least, especially doing some work with Smash Wrestling and helping them out a little bit, a guy that it shocked me he hasn’t caught on is Tyson Dux. I mean, I don’t know why he is not a part of a major promotion right now. That being said, looking at some of the younger guys, I am looking at a guy like Brent Banks, who has all the physical tools and is now understanding that there is more to ‘getting over’ than just having good matches and being good in the ring.”
On how talent has to take advantage of the opportunity given to them:
“Again, every case and every individual perspective is different. We mention AJ Styles, for me, it’s called strategic debuting. I don’t know if I could take credit for that term. But we take a guy like AJ Styles, and we debut him at the Royal Rumble in front of that audience who knows who that is, and you know they are going to lose their minds when he comes out, so that’s the perfect place to debut AJ Styles.”
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