Eva Marie Shows Off Insane Abs, WWE Announcer Sarah Schreiber Posts Throwback Cover Photo


Eva Marie is Absolutely JACKED

Former WWE Superstar Natalie Eva Marie is looking absolutely JACKED right now. Ms. All-Red-Everything (although right now it looks like she’s rocking purple hair) recently posted a photo showing off her insane abdominal muscles, with an in-depth look at how she “carb cycles” her diet. Check it out below.

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Sarah Schreiber Throws it Back to 2018 Cover Shoot

WWE ring announcer and backstage interviewer Sarah Schreiber posted a throwback to when she was the October 2018 covergirl of Boating Magazine. Schreiber started with the NXT brand during WrestleMania weekend last year, and is technically listed as an announcer for the Smackdown brand, but has been featured all over WWE this summer.