Former WWE Star Wants to Help 205 Live, Sabu Tweets Harsh Chris Benoit Comment, New Network Collections Revealed


ECW legend Sabu Tweeted the following in response to a clip posted on Twitter, featuring Chris Benoit taking a stiff top rope move:

New Network Collections Revealed

According to, WWE Network will be releasing two new collections on Jeff Jarrett and the Women’s Revolution on Monday. The collections will be titled “Jeff Jarrett: Ain’t He Great ” and “The Women’s Revolution”, and you can check out complete content listings for each collection at this link.

Former WWE Star Wants to Help 205 Live

Former WWE star Shane “Hurricane” Helms recently spoke with CBS DC to promote his appearance at this weekend’s ROH TV tapings, and during the interview, Helms had the following to say when asked about a potential return to WWE and the 205 Live brand following his surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble this year:

It would depend on the schedule for sure. If they could work with that, then I’m sure there’s stuff that we could talk about. Obviously, their [205 Live] needs a boost. I could boost that for sure, but I could boost the main roster as well. I’ve got full confidence in what I bring to the table. But it’s not like WWE needs anybody… I’m also very happy where I am right now. So if something happens with them… awesome. If it doesn’t, then that final appearance at the Rumble was so damn hot, the crowd popped so loud for me. If that was my last time there, then I’m actually super okay with that too.

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