Former WWE Star Unhappy With The NFL, Triple H Photobombs YouTube Personality, AJ Styles & Kofi Game (Video)


Former WWE star Chris Nowinski took to Twitter earlier today to voice his displeasure with The NFL’s concussion protocol.

Nowinski is the executive director of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, which studies concussion and conducts CTE research:

Triple H Photobombs YouTube Personality

As seen in the photo below, Triple H was on the same flight back from Dubai as YouTube personality Casey Neistat, and The Game photobombed him during the trip:

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Styles & Kofi Game

UpUpDownDown has released the following video:

“A trip to the 2018 Madden NFL 18 Superstar Tournament Championship game awaits… can AJ STYLES a.k.a. Prince of Phenomenal prove why SmackDown is the House That AJ Styles Built and break through to the big game (and not a controller) or will the smacktalker extraordinaire KOFI KINGSTON a.k.a. Mr. 24/7 a.k.a. Mr. Gotcho ride a wave of insults and sharp on-field skills to his first championship game?”