Former WWE Writer Predicts CM Punk Will Not Appear At WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan To Beat Triple H & More

Former WWE Creative Writer Chris DeJoseph better known as Big Dick Johnson on WWE TV, has published a new column at DeJoseph reveals 30 “big” predictions for Sunday’s WWE WrestleMania XXX. He predicts CM Punk will not be at WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan will defeat Triple H, the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner, Undertaker maintaining his steak and more. Here are some excerpts from his article:

* Alberto Del Rio wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
– A Heel will win this match. ADR is due for a big win and would be a great heel to carry this trophy and brag about it.

* The Three Surprise Entrants in the Battle Royal will be…Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jerry the King Lawler, and Roddy Piper.
– Sorry to disappoint you. At least it’s better than the Royal Rumble.

* The Undertaker will go 22-0.
– Like anyone believes a part time guy like Brock is going to get that kind of rub. Rest in Peace.

* Daniel Bryan defeats Triple H
– Triple H gets heat on Bryan after the match. Stacking the odds against the hero.

* CM Punk will NOT appear at WrestleMania.
– Although he may appear off camera.

You can read Chris DeJoseph’s column, “Big Dick Johnson’s 30 Big PreDICKtions For WWE WrestleMania 30” in its entirety at this link.

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  • Frankie Martinez

    ” Undertaker maintaining his steak “……..what “steak”, a ” T bone ” or ” rib eye ” ?

  • Dan Iacovelli

    cm is in chicago at the black hawks game

    • Meko

      The game ended hours ago, plenty of time to catch a flight.