FOX Business Talks With Jeff Jarrett Regarding GFW

In an interview with FOX Business, Jeff Jarrett spoke about Global Force Wrestling, which he’s currently developing. Here are highlights:

On if the interest in wrestling is dropping after WWE’s stock drop: “I’m not nervous at all. Investors may be disappointed but the increase in rights and TV fees speaks volumes as to how much interest is in the wrestling world.”

On the undiscovered talent he hopes to bring into the promotion: “Over the past 5-7 years, the undiscovered talent database has been growing. I’m excited to tap into that. ”

On who has contacted him: “Veterans, beginners, and everything in between. It’s not only rewarding as a promoter, it’s rewarding as a fan.”


  • Nat James

    If Jeff Jarrett can sign CM Punk, John Morrison, Goldberg, AJ Styles, Sting, Melina, Tara, Christopher Daniels, Matt Morgan, Kazarian, The Motor City Machine Guns, Mickie James, Crimson, Shelton Benjamin, Percy Watson, Awesome Kong etc it will be an awesome company.

    TNA dropped the ball with AJ and WWE did the same with CM Punk and John Morrison.

    Toby Keith should appear on the show regularly too and he could get some of the artists and bands from his record label to perform at the start of every show.