Frankie Edgar Weighs In On When A Fight Should Be Ended


In a recent interview with Radio, former UFC Lightweight Champion discussed fight stoppages in the sport and gave his opinions on when a fight should be stopped:

“If it’s me, let me be limp before you stop it. It’s tough to be a ref, especially in that situation when they’ve got to protect the fighters. But I want every chance I can get. Let me go out on my shield…It’s definitely the referee’s discretion, but I want every chance to come back. In the Maynard fights, someone else may have stopped it. Obviously the ref didn’t, and he made the right choice because I bounced back. That was the right choice.”

“I’m a fighter; I can’t help it. I’m a competitor. I want to win, and if I feel a ref stopped it too early, I would be upset. I just want the chance to come back. I’m sure it would never be like that where I’m getting my head beat in and the ref wouldn’t stop it, but I just want a chance to come back.”


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