Frankie Kazarian & TNA Part Ways


Frankie Kazarian has joined the increasing ranks of TNA alumni.

Kazarian’s final date with TNA was yesterday’s PPV tapings. Kazarian has been with TNA since 2006 and before that was with the promotion from 2003 to 2005. He was in the first Ultimate X match and is a former X-Division and Tag Team champion.

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  1. hes also like 37 and hasnt been used in forver, they tried pushing him forever back in the day with no luck unlike daniel franky was lucky to have a job in tna

  2. It’s about time for the passing of the guard in TNA talent, and stagnant late 30’s guys should now move on to let younger faces come in (from the indies and NXT cast-offs) to reinvigorate the brand. Kazarian is one less bit of dead weight the company has to carry, and it’s fitting his final impact was losing a match to the fresh faction the Menagerie.

    • and its ok if there in the late 30s as long as they have got over but kaz never did, daniels did but management ignored it


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