Fresh Perspective: Peter Smith’s Top 10 Favorite Women in Wrestling Today (And a Few Extras)

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Peter Smith is a writer brand new to the world of professional wrestling. Fresh Perspective is a column offering a beginner’s take on the product, through the eyes of a fan experiencing things for the very first time – untouched by years of jaded cynicism.

I recently made my case for why WWE fans should support Io Shirai in the 2018 Mae Young Classic tournament, and this week I wanted to continue along those same lines by presenting a list of my favorite female wrestlers currently active in the world today.

I am not necessarily presenting this as a list of who I think are the most talented wrestlers – just ten women, placed in an approximate order based on how much I enjoy seeing them do the thing they do.

I’ve only been watching wrestling seriously for the last several months. Like –  I had seen one total match my whole life until the week before WrestleMania 34. So if your favorite wrestler isn’t on my list, it’s not because I think she sucks, it’s because I haven’t had the chance to watch all the wrestling I would like to have seen.

If you have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned, absolutely leave a comment so I can check her out.

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