Fresh Perspective: Peter Smith’s Top 10 Favorite Women in Wrestling Today (And a Few Extras)

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Before I start I want to give some shoutouts to some women who are great, but just barely missed the cut. Each of them deserve a lot of respect, but didn’t quite make it to my final ten picks.

Honorable Mentions

— Momo Watanabe, who is only 18 and having an incredible Wonder of Stardom Champion run and killing it as the new leader of Queen’s Quest

— Hiroyo Matsumoto, who had my favorite match of round one of the Mae Young Classic, as well as an incredible triple threat alongside Io Shirai and Meiko Satomura earlier this year.

— Toni Storm. She has incredible potential, and she’s had some good matches. I haven’t been able to watch as much from her as I’d like, but I think she’s gonna be ruling the scene soon.

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— Charlotte Flair, who is on her way to becoming a legend in my opinion and if it were a different time I think she’d have made the list, just right now I’m loving a lot of other ladies.

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