Ft Valley, GA. AWN Adrenaline Ft results for 1-25-2013


1/25/2013 ADRENALINE!!!

Middle Georgia Heritage Champion Logan Creed struggles briefly but manages to get the win against Dangerous Danny Horne. Creed is big and bad but not the monster he seems to invision himself as. He should stop trying to ragdoll everybody he gets in the ring with and wrestle. Not every move has to be a power move right?

Despite being taken off their feet more than once by a hundred pound man, Big & Dirty defeat the team of IamFatality Desperado Christian Walker. Give me the good old days when a bigger men stayed on their feet and it meant something to put them on the mat!

For the first time in months, Kennedy Riley manages to get some offense in and seemed so surprised by it that he killed any and all momentum he had going for himself. Kameron Kade, making his AWN debut, was extremely impressive. He allowed Riley to make mistake after mistake and took advantage of them all. Very Impressive!

Maniac Zac Edwards is out and explains to the crowd that even though the BFF claim they are the number one contenders for the AWN Tag Team Championship, American Mayhem feel they deserve a shot at the current champs, No Remorse, as well. Adorable Anthony Andrews has a different opinion. Despite plenty of interference from Marvelous Michael Stevens, Edwards hangs tough and gets a huge win over Andrews. Things are heating up between these two teams and it is only a matter of time before they meet to settle this dispute once and for all!

The Last Hero, Ace Haven with Amy Haven made their AWN debuts against Sean Nelson in a highly competitive matchup. Haven cruised for most of the contest but just as Nelson seemed ready to comeback, Amy Haven, got involved and the distraction proved costly for Nelson, who fell victim to a huge superkick.

Drew Adler enters and is greeted by a taped promo from Jimmy Rave Approved’s own Marvelous Michael Stevens. The promo, obviously designed to put doubt in Drew’s mind does quite the opposite and a very fired up Adler made quick work out of Prince Tita. Adler continues to build steam heading into Vendetta while Tita is slowly starting to flounder.

The BFF come to the ring and Marvelous Michael Stevens says that since his opponent, Chris Jacobs, isn’t there for the match that he will accept the count out victory. As Kyd Daniel begins the count, American Mayhem enter and Jacobs enters the ring. Stevens dominates but once Jacobs begins to build momentum, Stevens quits once again. Jacobs is livid despite the win and as he berates Stevens and Andrews, AWN General Manager, Mr. Jones comes out. He says he has heard all the talking and since both teams feel they are the Number One contenders, the only way to solve it is with a match. Therefore, on February 22nd at Vendetta it will be American Mayhem vs BFF. Also he adds that at the next show there will be an 8 man tag match as American Mayhem will team with the AWN Tag Team Champions, No Remorse, to take on the BFF and partners of their choosing!!!

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