FTR Officially Sign AEW Contracts, Arn Anderson Hired As “Tag Team Consultant”


FTR has now officially signed on the dotted line with All Elite Wrestling, meeting with Tony Schiavone and company lawyers during a segment this Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite.

The former WWE Tag Team Champions had a litany of demands written into their contracts, including tag ropes and strictly enforced rules for all of their matches, as well as a Tag Team Wrestling Appreciation Night in two weeks time, hosted by them.

In a huge, surprise move, FTR announced that legendary Arn Anderson has been hired on as a “tag team consultant”, and will be advising them going forward.

This is an interesting move, and continues the wink-wink, nudge-nudge teasing of a new Four Horsemen-style stable that has been pushed not-so-subtly by FTR and Cody Rhodes recently.

To make things even more interesting, AEW World Tag Team Champion Hangman Page showed up to drink with the newly signed stars, pouring everyone a glass of whiskey.

The Elite and FTR have been forced into being cautious allies since the later debuted, but there have been altercations with Kenny Omega, and it’s almost certain FTR is on a collision course with the Young Bucks, likely sooner rather than later.