Full Criminal Complaint Against War Machine Online


You’ve probably seen something regarding the War Machine situation by now. As previously reported, the MMA fighter was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, adult film star Christy Mack, and putting her in the hospital. War Machine (born Jonathan Koppenhaver) has proclaimed his innocence, but Mack’s pictures from the hospital and account of what happened have run counter to his argument and Tweets someone close to him (calling himself War Machine’s “brother” on his Twitter page) have only made matters worse for him, with such gems as “If i come home n my bitch fuckin another man, im shootin both in the head, no fists. Period. Macks lucky wit just a broken face”

Now, the criminal complaint filed by the Las Vegas district attorney’s office is online and it contains all of the elements contained in Mack’s story. You can read the complaint here.

The Las Vegas public information office told MMAjunkie yesterday that it hadn’t been contacted by Las Vegas police or notified of any manhunt. Dog the Bounty Hunter, as previously reported, is on the case.

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