GCW Keep In Touch Results (8/2): ACH vs Janela, AJ Gray vs Dickinson, Mancer Goes To War, Kylie Rae & More


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GCW Keep In Touch Results
August 2, 2020
Indianapolis, IN


We kick this off with the GCW gatekeeper taking on a young wrestler still looking to gain enough recognition to get his own Cagematch profile. Deppen cuts a short promo claiming Carter can’t wrestle, he does the same moves as everyone in the back, and he’s going to make this short. He almost gets rolled up right out of the gates, and Carter surprises him picking the ankle and rolling into a jacknife pin for two.

Deppen takes out the knee and stomps away on it, creating a target. Carter breaks away and hits the ropes, but is met with an armdrag into the Figure Four. The rising star manages to pull himself to the ropes, throwing desperate elbows. Springboard forearm connects! Carter ducks a lariat and fires off with about a dozen slaps and chops. Deppen gives ’em back and the two begin to trade… and trade… and trade…


Carter blocks a double stomp and delivers a sunset flip pin for two. Running dropkick. Headscissors. A superkick gets a nearfall. Both men down. He hoists up Deppen and puts him on the top rope, gets shoved off but lands on his feet. Carter leaps right back up top and hits a superplex, rolls into another suplex, but Deppen counters into a Brainbuster and superkicks the **** out of the back of the kid’s head.

Deppen wants to go home. He heads to the second rope, but is caught with a flying youngster in his face, as Carter hits an Avalanche Spanish Fly! Without missing a beat he springs to the top rope – FROGSPLASH! 1… 2… NO! Carter is distraught, and gain heads up top. Deppen rolls out of the way, delivers a running knee strike, and this one is over.

Winner: Tony Deppen


Just to recap… Kylie Rae is replacing an injured Nick Gage in this match as “MDKylie”, which may just be the most start contrast in human beings there has ever been. She tries really hard to put a black bow in Cole’s hair, but it’s too short and keeps falling out. She finally gets it to stay, and the fans all chant “HOLY SHIT!”

Kylie narrowly falls out of the way of a huge spin kick, reconsidering all the life decisions that led to this moment. The two lock up and fight into the corner, before trading pin combinations for a bunch of two-counts. Kylie gets the better of it and delivers a running cannonball in the corner. She hooks the arms and applies a Gory Special, but Cole turns it into a backslide pin for a nearfall.

Raderick has a steel chair. And a door. Kylie dropkicks it into his face as he’s trying to reenter the ring, and rolls outside to stomp a mudhole in the grass. The door ends up getting set up across two chairs, and an open chair is placed on top, upside down, so if anybody lands on it there’s a 90% chance they’re getting impaled.


MDKylie takes the action back to the ring and slaps on a simple body stretch, slowing things down a bit. He escapes and tries for a German suplex, but Kylie counters and rolls into her own, slooow deadlift German! WOW! Raderick is slow to get back up, but hits a low dropkick to the knees to give himself some space. He applies an Octopus stretch, then transitions into a Half Crab, but Rae grabs the ropes to break it.

The crowd wills Kylie back to life and starts to chant “MDK”. She heads to the corner… and delivers the running boot in the corner. The two end up fighting on the apron, trading blows. Kylie sneaks down and powerbombs him through the table! Even she can’t believe what she’s done! Back in the ring, into the cover, but it’s still not enough. Raderick fires up and catches a distraught Kylie with a lariat. He counters a crossface and delivers a sit-out piledriver, sending a message to Nick Gage as he scores the win.

Winner: Cole Raderick


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