GCW Keep In Touch Results (8/2): ACH vs Janela, AJ Gray vs Dickinson, Mancer Goes To War, Kylie Rae & More



Hoss fight! Tankman throws heavy chops, and KTB gives them right back. He’s maybe a bit bigger than Willie Mack with a similar build, and flies over the second rope with a diving armbar like it’s nothing. KTB has slimmed down and is looking closer to EVIL these days, but also doesn’t miss a beat, walking the ropes into a wild armdrag of his own.

KTB out to the apron looking to springboard, but Tankman catches him with elbows, hits the ropes and spears them both through the ropes out to the grass! Obligatory, and well deserved “Holy Shit!” chants abound. Tankman brings his opponent back into the ring and begins to stalk him around the ring, delivering nasty uppercuts and knife-edge chops, corner to corner.


KTB digs down and starts to throw hands. He tosses Tankman over the ropes and follows with a tope con hilo! He tries to lift the big man on his shoulders, but can’t do it. Instead he delivers knees to the midsection and tries again, but Tankman obliterates him with a ripcord lariat. 1… 2… nope.

Tankman hits the ropes and barely gets himself over with a standing shooting star (I mean literally over, he seems plenty “over” with this crowd) but KTB moves out of the way. The two trade heavy blows and battle to the top rope. Tankman knocks him down and thinks Vader Bomb, but KTB uppercuts him. He tries to lift the big man up on his shoulders again, this time from the top rope… and it works! AVALANCHE DEATH VALLY DRIVER! KTB locks in a Half Crab, and it’s over. Good match.

Winner: KTB


Little bit of back and forth grappling to get this one started. Jockeying for position. Feeling each other out. Other cliche wrestling terms. Both end up on the mat in bridges, battling back and forth and chaining together some great looking sequences. Lamar gets shot into the ropes and delivers a shoulder tackle, striking a pose for good measure. Christian with a snap armdrag, into his own pose.

He baits Tre into a standing armbar, Lamar with a standing switch into a hold of his own, Christian breaks it with a lightning quick headcissors, but Lamar comes back with one of his own and follows with the suicide dive to the grass. I love both of these men and everything they’re doing right now. Grab a beer, smoke a blunt, do whatever it is you do, and watch GCW. It’s a lot of fun.

Back in the ring Lamar hits the ropes, but Christian catches him with a headscissors of his own – and a suicide dive of his own! He will not be out done! He springboards into  a rolling shotgun dropkick, makes the cover, hooks the leg, but it’s not enough. Lamar fires back with elbows and uppercuts. He puts some distance between them, takes a beat, but quickly closes that gap with a springboard lariat!


Tre slows things down, slapping on a side headlock. Christian wriggles free, misses with the first spin kick, but catches him on the second. Double knees. Enzuigiri. Two-count.Lamar fires back with an enzuigiri of his own, and starts throwing elbows. He runs right into a dropkick, and Christian drops him onto the bottom rope for a low 619.

Christian connects with a half-and-half suplex for two. He comes off the ropes with a handspring elbow, but it’s still not enough. He looks to dive but Lamar moves out of the way, rolls back in the rope and clears the ropes with a tope. Christian is out, and Lamar grabs a fan’s water and pours it on his face to wake him up.

HE WAS PLAYING POSSUM! Christian pounces with a superkick as Lamar is coming back into the ring, does a Sasuke Special but lands on his feet, right into a Cross Rhodes. It’s over. Christian rolls his opponent back in, leaps to the top rope, and does… sort of a 180 into a Coffin Drop, but twists around again right before impact. Whatever it is, it works. 1-2-3.

Winner: Blake Christian


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