GCW Keep In Touch Results (8/2): ACH vs Janela, AJ Gray vs Dickinson, Mancer Goes To War, Kylie Rae & More



This is a single fall match, so things are about to get crazy. And yes, that is former X-Division Champion and current IMPACT Wrestling star Ace Austin, who was in the Slammiversary main event a few weeks ago.

A few go after Austin right away, but he’s able to clear the ring, flip over one guy, DDT another while jumping off a dude’s chest. Yeah, there is zero chance I’m going to get more than like 5% of the action here…. Mercer runs in and clobbers everyone with slams, shoulder tackles and suplexes. He spins Zayne around violently, nearly dropping him on his head, then lifts up Oliver with one hand high into the air. Austin runs at him, but Mercer just catches him and slams both guys.


Lloyd is next in line to clear the ring and do a bunch of crazy s**t including a springboard Tornado DDT. He goes up top, but Zayne springboards into an Avalanch Rana sending Lloyd flying in a way that he sentons Oliver at the same time. This is insane. Velasquez suplxes two guys and gives a third the Sliced Bread off the apron, into a fourth out on the grass, before Ace Austin flies out of nowhere with a tope to take everyone down.

Mercer proves he’s not just a strongman, hitting an amazing Asai Moonsault from the second rope out to the grass. He reenters the ring, but is caught with a running double stomp from Velasquez. Two-count. He goes to the top rope, but Oliver springboards into an RKO out of nowhere across the top rope. BRUTAL. Mercer pulls Austin off the mat right into a huge powerslam.


Mercer picks up Austin and climbs the ropes with him in his arms, like a small child. Oliver tries to climb him, so Mercer does a Fallaway Slam and an Electric Chair Drop on both guys, from the top, at the same time. I’m done. I’m just done. Zayne hits the Crunchwrap Supreme (a 450 double knees to the back), and then runs across the ring into a… 450 HEADBUTT? Zayn pins Mercer with the Taco Supreme. Holy s**t.

Winner: Alex Zayne


It’s a fight from the opening bell. Gray whips Dickinson into the ropes and they collide with shoulder tackles, neither budging an inch. This time Gray hits the ropes, but again neither moves. He throws nasty back elbows and hits an enzuigiri in the corner. Dickinson rolls outside clutching his neck, but turns around and is clobbered by a suicide dive.

They two roll back in and begin trading brutal knife-edge chops back and forth for at least 30 seconds. Dickinson goes after the knee with big stomps and hits a Dragonscrew, then drags him into the ropes and does it again! Gray is thrown to the corner, but the knee buckles and he bites the dust. The “Dirty Daddy” stomps on the knee and takes his time, content to wait on the top rope as his opponent struggles to get up.

Dickinson flies off the top with a missile dropkick – not to the chest, but to the now injured knee. He tries to lock in a Sharpshooter, but blocks a reversal by rolling into a knee bar. Luckily Gray was near the ropes and was able to break it up. Gray surprised his opponent with a big boot using the good knee, and hammered away with desperate clubbing blows in the corner. He manages to get Dickinson on the top rope, and sends them both crashing down with a huge superplex.

Both men rise and begin to trade forearm strikes. Dicksinson hits the ropes and gets turned out with a lariat. Gray throws him to the corner and scoops him up for a powerslam. He’s slow to climb the ropes but does connect with a diving legdrop, damage done to himself in the process.


Dickinson blocks a Tiger Suplex and fires off with chest kicks. Gray ducks another kick and this time hits the Tiger Suplex. He tries for it again but ends up getting caught and taken down to the mat, trapped in a Half Crab. Gray claws his way across the ring to the ropes, but Dickinson takes him back to the center and transitions into an STF. Gray reaches out and barely gets his fingers on the ropes.

Dickinson makes the mistake of taunting his opponent, and gets lit up with a series of chops. Dirty Dick gives ’em right back, and the sweat is flying off their bodies. Dickinson hits the ropes, but Gray catches him with a urinage slam and a giant lariat. 1… 2… nope. Dickinson gives him a Dragonscrew to completely destroy the knee, rolls into a heel hook, then transitions into Texas Cloverleaf. GRAY TAPS!

Winner: Chris Dickinson


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