GCW Keep In Touch Results (8/2): ACH vs Janela, AJ Gray vs Dickinson, Mancer Goes To War, Kylie Rae & More



The two shake hands and lock up, but neither is able to gain any ground. ACH works a wrist lock, scoops him up and takes him to the mat, and Janela hangs with him counter for counter in an excellent exchange that sends ACH into the ropes. He does not look concerned.

Janela hits a kitchen sink knee lift and runs the ropes, leaping into a sunset flip pin that they trade back and forth. The “Bad Boy” kips up and they grapple into the ropes, forcing the referee to split them up. ACH offers a handshake but dropkicks Joey in the chest for his trust, before following him outside with a suicide dive.

Janela gets rammed into edge of the ring a few times and tossed back in, as ACH begins dropping knees on the spine and kicking at the back of the head. He rolls outside to catch his breath but ACH doesn’t relent, chopping him so hard he falls backwards through a fan’s chair. Janela reverses an Irish whip and sends him hard into the ring post, taking back the control.


Back in the ring he hammers away with big closed fists and a few elbows. ACH surprises him with a speedy dropkick and Joey again goes outside, but this time it was to bait his opponent and sweep the legs, smashing his face into the apron. Janela puts him on his shoulders and runs about 20 feet out into the fans before finally hitting a rolling Death Valley Driver in the grass.

The fight continues out into the park, next to the river front. Janela comes off a lightpost with a slightly elevated double ax handle, and stalks ACH until they finally make it back to the ring. Figure Four applied. He works the hold to slow the pace down for a beat, wrenching away in different directions as ACH tries to reverse the hold… and does it! Joey has to drag himself into the ropes to break his own submission.

The “Bad Boy” rolls outside and is immediately attacked with a suicide dive. They both go crashing into chairs, but Joey pops back up and hits the ring, following with a suicide dive of his own to send them back into the same chairs. This time ACH sends him into the post, returning the favor, and follows with a PK running the apron. He pulls Joey up – GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE APRON!

He’s dead. As god as my witness, his neck is broken in half. ACH looks to end things with an excellent Frog Splash, but crashes and burns. Both men down. Joey Janela is the first to his feet, and sets in with chops in the corner. He’s gonna try for a superplex, but ACH rallies back with elbows, hooks both arms – AVALANCHE TIGER DRIVER! 1… 2… NO!

ACH picks up his opponent and delivers a rapid flurry of strikes and kicks. Superkick! He tries for another but Joey blocks it, and scoops him up for a Package Piledriver! Janela signals for the end. He goes out to the apron and climbs to the top rope, looking for a diving elbow drop, but his opponent gets the knees up into his face and shoulder.


ACH puts him on the top rope and pele kicks him in the face, then leaps up and delivers a superplex, rolling right into a Brainbuster. This dude is so ridiculously talented. He tries for a Death Valley Driver, but Joey lands on his feet and delivers a superkick. They both collapse. Eventually they use each other to get back up and start swinging. Janela hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline, picks up steam and JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELDS THE SHIT OUT OF HIM! 1… 2… NO!

ACH rolls out of the ring to avoid being pinned, but an exhausted Janela climbs the ropes – moonsault to the floor! He rolls him back in the ring, but ACH just punches him in the balls and locks in a crossface. He wrenches back on the hold and Joey taps out.

Winner: ACH

— ACH grabs a mic and tells Joey it was only business and he shouldn’t take the low blow personally. He sarcastically offers the “Bad Boy” a handshake, before dropping the mic and walking off drinking a White Claw.

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