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GFW Hypes Up Taya Valkyrie’s Upcoming Impact Wrestling Debut



As noted, Taya Valkyrie will soon be making her promotional debut in Global Force Wrestling (GFW) on a future episode of Impact Wrestling.

The promotion released the above video and the following press release to continue hyping up her arrival on the scene in the GFW Knockouts division.

Taya Valkyrie Set To Make IMPACT Debut Soon

There is a buzz amongst the Knockouts in GFW about the arrival of Taya Valkyrie to IMPACT. What is she planning upon her arrival? Who will she target once she arrives? Taya will certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

Originally from Canada, Taya is a former ballet dancer who always had a love for pro wrestling and now her career has taken her all over the world. A mainstay in Mexico for many years, Taya is the longest reigning AAA Reina de Reinas Champion (Women’s Champion) in history. Taya trained under the great Lance Storm and now looks to take IMPACT by storm as well.

She has excelled in every company she has worked for and we can only assume Taya will have her sights set on The GFW Knockouts Championship. With so many Knockouts vying for that top prize, what will happen next is anyone’s guess! One thing is for sure, the Knockouts Division is clearly heating up!

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Jazz Teams With Jordynne Grace, Eric Young vs. Rhino Set For This Week’s Impact



Jordynne Grace

Impact Wrestling will air the fallout from Hard to Kill on Tuesday, and two matches are now confirmed for the episode.

Jazz will team up with Jordynne Grace once again to take on the tandem of Kimber Lee and Susan. It seems Grace and Jazz have nothing but respect for each other after their singles match at Genesis.

Additionally, Eric Young will face Rhino following their encounter in the six-man Old School Rules match, which was won by EY’s Violent By Design faction.

In addition to more Hard to Kill fallout, it’s possible we’ll get appearances from Matt Cardona and/or ODB, but that has yet to be confirmed.

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ODB Says She’s Returning To Impact Wrestling



Former Knockouts Champion ODB recently told Chris Van Vliet that she is returning to Impact Wrestling soon.

“I am actually getting back in the ring. So IMPACT obviously called me and that’s the cool thing about stuff, I’ve never burnt a bridge in wrestling. Yeah, we all have our bad moments and stuff and whatever you want to when you want to tell everyone to go F themselves. IMPACT was awesome, TNA was my home and they buzzed me and every time I’m like ‘Oh gosh. Oh boy, here we go.’

“But they were like ‘Hey, do you want to come back and see what happens? And possibly bring the food truck?’ So that’s my ultimate goal, to actually drive my ODB’s Meat and Greet into a stadium and kick some ass.”

ODB regularly competed for TNA from 2007 to 2014. Her last Impact match was a year ago at Hard to Kill in a three-way Knockouts Title match also involving Taya Valkyrie and Jordynne Grace.

Impact is taping new episodes this week, so it’s possible ODB reappears as soon as Tuesday’s fallout episode.

You can check out a clip of ODB’s appearance on Insight below:

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Ethan Page Claims The Editing Of His IMPACT Hard To Kill Segment Was “Hot Garbage”



It appears that Ethan Page was not impressed with how his Karate Man segment came together at IMPACT’s Hard To Kill event.

On the show, Page fought the Karate Man character, with Page having his heart ripped out to end the segment. However, Page claims he was embarrassed by how the segment was edited together, apologizing to his fans.

Page took to his personal Facebook account to send a message into the Major Wrestling Figures Group to show his true feelings on the situation.

“from the afterlife

I’m going to take a full blown break from social media.

I’ll be staying active on my personal Patreon as much as I can & probably in this group too cuz I love the fig life & u guys. Xoxox.

But man …. last night sucked.

I’m so embarrassed with how IMPACT! lazily edited that segment last night & forced it to be a joke. I felt the thought of the same guys fighting eachother was comedy enough & the more serious we took it the better the reaction would be. But cuz I left the company, they lied to my face & just did what they wanted the whole time.

I’m sorry if any of my fans paid for that PPV & felt cheated. I honestly feel the free version I gave away was made with more love, care & attention to detail. Sadly I have no control over the creative or final product & the editor refused to send it to me before hand …. so I saw it live with you guys & was surrounded by family. All scratching their heads at that high school project level delivery on a PPV.

I pray ppl know I didn’t edit that hot garbage. I actually begged IMPACT! Not to even have Karate man on tv. I only wanted it for my YouTube channel. But … we don’t write the shows. We just get the scripts & do our best. Idk what else to say.

Breaks my heart this company refuses to respect its talent or it’s fan base on a regular basis.

I tried.”

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