Goal Reached for Scott Hall’s Hip Replacement Surgery


Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Hall have reached their goal in raising $80,000 to cover hip replacement surgery for Hall, as well as physical therapy, dental work and other medical expenses. You can watch footage of Page reacting to the news here.

Showing their appreciation, Scott Hall, Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash all commented about the accomplishment on Twitter. Here is what they wrote.

Scott Hall: “I am very humbled by your support. Wrestling fans are the best. I don’t no what to say. This is a moment I will never forget. Thank you all”

DDP: “words cant express our thanks/gratitude 4helping @SCOTTHALLNWO reach this goal. ur generosity/support’s truly appreciated. THANK YOU ALL!”

Kevin Nash: “To all that reached out to help Scott, l give my thanks more for restoring my faith in mankind than anything else.You are amazing?????”

Sean Walman: “You did it everyone! Im so moved by this I can’t find words.”

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  1. why didnt all of his “friends” ban together and help him with the funds? why ask the wrestling community?


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