Goldberg Has Words for Triple H, Comments on a WWE Return

– A fan on Twitter asked former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg if he could spear anyone in WWE, who would it be? Goldberg replied and said Triple H:

“Hunter…..hands down…..RT”

The fan replied with the following tweet and Goldberg said his observation was “spot on”:

“any particular reason or just the overall doucheness and politicking he exhibits?”

Another fan asked Goldberg when he would be coming back to WWE. He replied, “When they learn how to run a business.”

Finally, a fan asked Goldberg if he would come back to WWE and feud with Ryback. The former World Heavyweight Champion replied, “…..if they knew how to do business I’d consider it…..”

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  • delrvich

    “When they learn how to run a business.” and maybe when he learns how to wrestle and not end careers.

    • allan mccann

      thank you! i was about to make a comment just like this.

    • 123

      Who gives a s*** about Bret Hart?

      • fflores0917

        Millions of people do! I bet a lot more care about Hart than they do about Goldberg. Bill Golderg’s wrestling skills make John Cena look a Kurt Angle in the ring!

      • Jay

        You are a clown for saying that about Brett.Goldfart not being in wrestling is great for the true wrestling fan.The man could gives a rats you know what about the business and its fans

        • allan mccann

          ya goldberg has stated many times he doesnt give a s*** about wrestling. the guy has spent more time funding his crappy movies then wrestling. hes no talent what so ever

      • allan mccann

        most fans, bret is one of the best techincal wrestlers of all time. and one the best champs ever and he did it all in the ring, not on the mic , not kissing anyones ass. to this day he is admired by 1000s of wrestlers. even on raw a show run by hhh a man bret hart hates has had episodes of raw to celebrate bret. hes is one of the greatest to even wrestle.

        the real question is who gives a s*** about you?

      • dboi


  • allan mccann

    image if goldberg had a wrestling career that last more then 2 years , he would be the be so big headed, more so then now. goldberg was s*** all he did was have 30 sec matches, and almost killed bret hart, a guy who had been wrestling for almost 20 years to that date,a true performer. goldberg is just mad at hhh cause when goldberg was in wwe he demanded the world title after two months, vince had other ideas to build him up more. but goldberg disagreed. so vince put him in the chamber and had evolution destory him. he got the title but only for a month, then said he was leaving.

    ill admit hhh did push down talent at that time. but it was with his own talent, vinces son in law or not, if hhh didnt draw hed be fired. goldberg brought it on himself, dont believe he was even dating steph then though.

    and as for hhh now , theres no reason to hate on him the guy is doing a great job with wwe hes opening vinces closed off world.

    • delrvich

      Right on.

  • Frosty

    Goldberg wishes WCW was still around – That’s how clueless he is when it comes to Pro Wrestling

    • 123

      you really are a dumb s***!

      • allan mccann

        Doubt it. Wcw was paying Goldberg 10 million dollars, now a days the guy uses what’s left of that to finance his crappy movies

        • J_Dude

          Good god that hack still makes movies? *shudders*

          • allan mccann

            yep but like i said he finances most of them lol hes got so far in life without any talent..

  • allan mccann

    the only thing i like about goldberg is his ego has kept him out of wrestling these past 10 years so thank god!

  • dboi

    How to run a business, like WCW knew how to run a business, he’s just bitter because WWE wasn’t gonna make him therew top guy like WCW did dude u should be happy WWE is offering u a contract!

  • Bill Goldberg was out of wrestling after just 7 years due to his ego. A long promising career would have been in place, if he knew how to do the wrestling business.

    • allan mccann

      he only wrestled for 2 and a half years in all really. and if you can even call it wrestling, goldberg has no respect for this bussiness. and has one of the worst backstage reps ever

      • Goldberg should keep in mind that to talk about big leagues, you should be part of big leagues. Triple H may be politicking, but he has put his body on the line for 20 years in the ring like a warrior king.

        • allan mccann

          exatley, and thats the kind of respect goldberg will never get.

  • allan mccann

    there are alot of people who could say s*** about HHH but he loves this bussiness. which is more then can be said for goldberg, and in that fact alone goldberg will get pwnd by us haters lol

  • Adam

    I’m not entirely sure what he means by “do business” and “run a business. Goldberg has been off of mainstream (wrestling related) TV for so long, that one can imagine what it’s doing to his shelf life. The casual fan that would have been drawn to him at the height of his popularity has probably outgrown wrestling and the new ones probably don’t remember him with nearly as much zeal as those who saw him live.

    If he were to go anywhere but WWE, his diminished popularity would severely hamper his ability to make a significant impact in any way other than “Oh look it’s Goldberg.” If TNA and WWE were running TV shows on the same night, I doubt that there would be a mass channel change for him.

    With respect to “run a business”, the wrestling market may be a fraction of the size during the Monday night wars, but WWE is still on top of it. I would think that that would be as good as indicator as any that they know how to run a business.

  • Jesse Crandall

    WWE is A BILLION dollar corporation, sells out arena’s coast to coast, has an international audience, and Goldberg wants to wait till the WWE can learn HOW to run a business ? Did Goldberg fall down & crack his egg ? I don’t think Goldberg has the “sac” to get back into the square circle. Stop with the yada yada yada & lace up the boots!

    • allan mccann

      i know he doesnt have the sac to get in jerichos face again.

      • Adam Gibson

        goldburg would crush jercho my dude

        • allan mccann

          oh. cause back in 2003 backstage goldberg got in jerichos face and jericho knocked him on his ass. it was legit too.

  • Dale Pionk

    it would be nice if the wwe would run a business right, but it would also be nice if goldberg could learn to pull a punch. can anyone say brett hart

    • allan mccann

      huh? first off its bret hart not brett, what kind of fan doesnt know that lol second punching wasnt even 2 percent of goldbergs problems, and if you talking about bret cause goldberg almost killed him, it was a trust kick

      • Dale Pionk

        bottom line that is why b hart had his stroke. Goldberg wasn’t a good wrestler anyhow. Anyone who as watched in the past knows that. goldberg hurt people becuase he ddn’t know what he is supposed to do in the ring

        • allan mccann


  • fashionvalley

    Just because Goldberg is a big strong guy doesn’t mean he knows anything about wresting, any “hooker” would tie him up within seconds and he’d either tap out or get something broken!

  • Jorge Soares

    maybe you sould keep watching this s***ty wrestling os nowadays!
    Everybody should “question” if a certain match is faked or not! And in that goldberg was very good! Today’s wwe is all a bunch of skinny guys “dancing” with each other!