Goldberg Says Sting Is Taking His Time With WWE & More


Bill Goldberg appeared on The Turnbuckle Weekly with Chuck Carrell recently to discuss his new podcast, his involvement with The Drive To Feed and more. Check out the highlights:

On why Sting seems to be just “dipping his toes in WWE waters”: “It’s a guy like Sting. It’s a guy like me that makes decisions not based upon wrestling logic, but based upon individual needs and desires,” he said. “There’s a lot that plays into these things. It’s taken him this long to be a member of the WWE. He’s surely not going to make a hasty decision about anything.”

On Sting potentially wrestling in WWE: “You never know what WWE is doing. You never know what any of these guys are doing. You don’t know if they’re publicizing it to ramp up for an in-ring return or an appearance of if they’re just hinting at it so that they can sell more video games. You just never know.”

On how he decides to appear at wrestling events: “I obviously look at the roster before I choose to attend one of these, which plays a huge role in whether I do it or not. For the most part it’s a good time.”

On his involvement with Drive to Feed: “I know that the school that my kid goes to, two out of five kids get their only substantial meal when they’re at school,” he said. That’s a pretty alarming statistic.”

On sprint car racer Tony Stewart hitting and killing Kevin Ward during a race earlier this month: “It’s a tragedy on both sides. Nobody knows what happened. Nobody knows what’s in Tony’s mind. Everybody knows his past as far as his aggressive driving and his willingness to trade paint, which is what NASCAR is all about. … I think the only fault of Tony in this situation is being part of the group of guys the last 20 years that have shown their emotion on television and have been allowed to get out of their cars and do whatever it is they have done. They set bad examples for kids like (Kevin) Ward. … I just don’t think it’s within the realm of possibility that Tony Stewart could run somebody down. There’s zero validity to that.”

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