Goldberg: Simple But Effective

Bill Goldberg – WWE ( (2016)

Goldberg is a wrestling superstar who in the late 1990’s was on par with WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin when it came to popularity. At 49 years of age, when most stars careers are winding down, Goldberg decided to come out of retirement and send shockwaves around the WWE. Goldberg is a one of a kind superstar, he does not possess a large repertoire of skills, but with the few skills he does possess he has managed to capture the imagination of “the millions”.

Goldberg’s matches and style are not overly complex and they could be described as mindless pieces of entertainment. In a day and age where audiences can take entertainment far too seriously, simplicity can be refreshing. Vin Diesel is one of Hollywood’s major stars and he has made a career out of simple action films. A bald, muscular hero who says very little and beats up the bad guys – this has been Vin Diesel’s blueprint to superstardom (Fast and Furious anyone?) and that exact same blueprint could be used to describe Bill Goldberg’s path to superstardom.

Bill Goldberg has managed to become a superstar due to his incredible physique, intensity and because he has one of the greatest entrances in the history of the wrestling business. Goldberg’s entrances have often been longer than his actual matches and this has never seemed to deter fans from chanting his name in unison “Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!” As unfair as it may sound, Goldberg can essentially wrestle over thirty minutes less than his peers and achieve a far greater fan reaction (Survivor Series 2016 being a perfect example).

Bill Goldberg has never been known to have classic wrestling matches and the fact he returned at 49 years of age – short and sweet certainly seemed to be an appropriate mantra for Goldberg’s matches. At Survivor Series 2016, Goldberg came out full of intensity and delivered four powerful moves to beat Brock Lesnar in less than two minutes. Shockwaves were sent through the wrestling world and whether the reaction was positive or negative, fans could not stop talking about Goldberg and his match with Brock Lesnar.

A star does not have to be the most talented performer; he simply has to have some qualities that can draw a large audience. Goldberg may not be an entertaining talker, he may not be a great wrestler and he may not have the versatility of someone like Chris Jericho, but in the case of Bill Goldberg, the positives out way the negatives.  AJ Styles, arguably the most talented wrestler in the world today does not have the star power that Goldberg does; AJ could not draw forty thousand people to the Georgia Dome on three days’ notice like Bill Goldberg did in 1998 for his world title match against Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Unique is a word thrown around a lot, but Bill Goldberg is a unique star because he is so simple and so successful. Goldberg has shown the world that simplicity can not only lead to success but can also be very entertaining.