Goldberg Speaks on ‘SmackDown Live,’ Comes Face-to-Face With The Undertaker


Goldberg made his first ever appearance on SmackDown Live on June 4. The former world champion came to the blue brand to deliver a promo on his Super ShowDown opponent, the legendary Undertaker.

The Deadman had cut a promo of his on the previous Monday Night Raw, where he made it known that he wanted the icon Goldberg, not the family man, to step into the ring on June 7 at Super ShowDown. Taker then told Goldberg that he’s “next,” using Goldberg’s own catchphrase against him.

Goldberg responded in kind on SmackDown, when he said that Undertaker would get the a**kicker that he was asking for. He also said that The Phenom was next to rest in peace.

This caused the bell to gong and the lights to dim. When they came back up, Taker was in the ring behind Goldberg. The two men stood face-to-face as the crowd roared its approval. But before anything could happen, the lights went down, then back up again. Undertaker was gone and Goldberg was left alone.

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This match seemed to come from out of nowhere but it’s understandable why WWE booked it. The company wants to give the best event possible in Saudi Arabia and that means featuring the top stars. The Super ShowDown card also includes Triple H versus Randy Orton, as well as Brock Lesnar, who is threatening to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Seth Rollins.