GOLDBERG vs. LESNAR – Who Squashes Who?


I have listened to all the podcasts and have read all the speculation surrounding this WrestleMania showdown and there has not been one person that believes it’s possible for this match to go over two minutes.  The only question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is who goes over and gets the “W”.  I’m here to argue for both men because the way I see it, the outcome is anything but obvious.  Sure, Lesnar has yet to beat Goldberg, but does it matter?  Does logic matter?  After all, the WWE has a tendency to spit in the face of logic all the time, so what would stop them from continuing this trend and have WrestleMania end with a 50 year old Spear and Jackhammer combo.  In fact, if you were to use logic you’d realize that WWE’s primary goal as a company is to make money and I cannot find a better way to ensure fans tune in the next night than to leave them in shock and awe as they exit Camping World Stadium.   At the minimum, it’ll keep the fans guessing, which is something we’ve all wanted for a very long time.  In professional wrestling there is nothing better than being unpredictable.

So who should win and why?  Let’s start with Lesnar …

What the expression?  “You may have won the battle, but I won the war.”  I think this is the argument for Lesnar winning in a nutshell.  Goldberg has gotten the better of him in almost every single way possible with the exception of an F-5 delivered two weeks ago on RAW.   Lesnar has eaten a Spear, Jackhammer and been eliminated from the Royal Rumble with ease.  A simple win at WrestleMania would certainly not even the score, HOWEVER, a squash match that not only re-establishes Lesnar as THE BEAST, but also puts the WWE Universal Title around his waist, now that is how Lesnar will WIN THE WAR.  The aftermath can go a number of ways.  I think the Madison Square Garden match between Lesnar and Owens was a bit of a tell.  With Chris Jericho leaving for a tour with Fozzy in May, it would only make sense for Owens to begin his chase to reclaim his Universal Title.   Another option is for the WWE to hold off on Finn Balor’s return until the Raw after Mania, setting up The Beast vs. The Demon in what will surely satisfy the most die-hard of WWE fans.  Either way, finding opponents for Lesnar will not be difficult, especially on Raw where there are multiple superstars at the moment who have a “claim” to the Universal Title in some way, shape or form.

Who’s Next?  Goldberg …

The main criticism of the WWE for some time was that the had become completely predictable in their booking.  However, since the ending of Undertaker’s streak OUTA NOWHERE one could argue that they’ve finally turned a corner.  Enter Goldberg.  At Survivor Series there weren’t many people who saw the squash of Brock Lesnar coming.  But it happened.  At the Rumble, no one thought it would be Goldberg getting the best of Lesnar AGAIN, but it happened.   Each of these times the buzz that followed had proven the creative decision to be correct.  Goldberg is once again a household name and once again the internet is left baffled and guessing.  So why stop now?  I’m sure there is still tons of merchandising opportunities to be had.  The money will continue to flow I’m sure.  Also, maybe rebuilding Lesnar isn’t what the WWE needs to prioritize right now.  Maybe it’s Lesnar and not Goldberg, who is the one who needs to take a hiatus.  Lastly, if you’re asking yourself “well if Lesnar doesn’t beat Goldberg, then WHO (who? WHO? who? Whoo? Whoo!?) could possibly beat Goldberg!?”.  Well, that’s a good question, but unfortunately the answer is quite obvious.  You may have heard of the guy.  His name?

Roman Reigns …  (sigh)





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