Goldust Busted Open, WWE Network Content & Missing Events, Reigns

– WWE posted the following video from Warialasky, looking at Roman Reigns’ dominance:

– Goldust was upset backstage after being busted open by Fandango in their match on RAW. He received minor medical attention to close the cut.

– Regarding missing pay-per-views on the WWE Network, word is that some have been temporarily taken down to make music and other type of edits. We’ve also heard from many fans who have been told by Network customer service representatives that a ton of new content will be added before the end of this month.

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  • Jeff Rittenour

    and this is why I’ll never order the wwe network…making edits instead of billion dollar company paying some music licensing fees.

    • Walter Silvy

      its because they just settled a case over music rights for many wcw shows. inlcuding the free birds badstreet usa. so they are putting those shows uncut now on the network. also they are putting uncut versions of programs on network for viewing based on your parental control level. much of the content they had at first they only had one version because it came from the old wwe 24/7 vod service which had to be edited due to not having parental control feature. so they are fixing those issues. so your coment isn’t valid and some music rights u can’t expect them to pay for its super expensive look at many older tv shows they cant use original soundtracks on dvd and in many cases tv anymore for them. watch most of married with children minus a few episodes don’t even forget wkrp in cinncinatti and many other programs. sometimes they can work out deals though.

      • fmdof

        Well said sir. It’s nice not seein complete ignorance on these forums, like the comment you replied to.

    • Chad

      Just because they are a billion dollar company doesn’t mean that they can afford all licensing fees. There might be musicians out there that don’t want to work with the WWE anymore either. Or if they did try to get the rights to songs, the cost could very easily be $19.99 instead of $9.99. They can’t absorb all the costs of licensing fees. So if they need to take shows down to edit a few songs, that’s no big deal to me. They will probably be back up by the time I’m ready to watch them, and I won’t mind if they change a few entrance themes that I haven’t heard in 15-20 years anyway.