Goldust Returning to Action on Monday’s Raw


Brad Maddox announced that Goldust will wrestle Randy Orton on Monday’s episode of Raw, and if Goldust wins, Cody Rhodes will get his job back with the company. Here is the announcement posted on Twitter:

“Since @DUSTIN_RHODES1 has asked how he can help his brother. I’ve confirmed w/ @TripleH to allow him to compete against @RandyOrton on #RAW. If @DUSTIN_RHODES1 wins and @CodyRhodesWWE apologizes, he gets his job back. So bring your paint cause it’s Goldust vs Orton monday”

Another Match Announced for Monday’s Raw….


  1. …have a bad feeling..Gold dust will lose..making was for the American Dream to fight Orton with the same stipulations…only to only question is Dusty gonna wear jeans or polka dots?


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